50Cal 20:20 Glass Cleaner


50cal Detailing 20:20 glass cleaner is a truly exceptional glass cleaner for both interior and exterior glass. We have formulated this product in conjunction with industry professionals to offer a ready to use product that not only instantly cleans but flashes quickly and leaves no smears or streaks.

20:20 glass cleaner is great for removing general window scum and residue left from nicotine and vaping in vehicles.

We have also formulated into this product components that reduce low light dazzle from oncoming vehicles and street lights. It is effortless to use and if not locked up, will find its way into your house for domestic cleaning!  It is free from any silicone components, so no fear of wiper smears.

20:20 comes with a fresh red apple fragrance.

  • Advanced formula to give super quick and efficient cleaning
  • Great Red Apple smell
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Removes all major glass residues effortlessly
  • Low light anti-dazzle components

Usage Guidelines

Apply neat to glass, 2-3 mists per window and buff with a clean microfiber cloth to leave a brilliant no streak shine. For interior glass apply 1-2 mists direct onto a clean microfiber cloth, then apply to the glass and buff. Never apply and allow to dwell on surfaces in direct sunlight. Always check the suitability of the product for your vehicle first, by doing a quick test.

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