50Cal Claymore Detailing Claybar – Medium Grade


The 50cal Detailing Claymore Detailing Clay Bar is a medium grade white, clay bar.  The Claymore Detailing Clay will help to remove contamination prior to paint correction or polishing. It’s a medium grade all round clay bar which easily removes contamination without the risk of marring when used with a suitable clay lube.  We would recommend using our stealth last touch detailer for a clay lube.

How to use the Clay Bar

Prepare your vehicle by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces including an iron removal and tar removal.

Separate the clay bar into 3 or 4 manageable pieces.  Before use of a piece, it can be warmed in your hands to make it easier to use.

Wet the surface you intend to clay bar with a clay lubricant of your choice.  Stealth last touch detailer can be used.

Apply a piece of the claybar to the lubricated surface and move the clay bar in a back and forth motion. Regularly check the clay bar condition and cleanliness.  When the claybar becomes contaminated fold it in half once to enclose the contaminated surface in the centre of the clay and to reveal a new clean surface to work with. Continue this process until all surfaces are smooth to the touch or no contamination is visible on the clay bar.

After use if the piece of claybar is not totally contaminated it can be returned to the plastic case for storage for future use. Moderately contaminated clay can be reused on areas such as wheels or even on glass. Badly contaminated clay should be discarded.

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