50Cal Retaliate Acid Free Wheel Cleaner Concentrate 500ml


Retaliate alloy wheel cleaner is a heavy duty concentrated wheel cleaner. It is completely acid free and is safe for use on all alloy wheels. This is a professional product and is highly concentrated, so it’s not to be used neat.

Retaliate uses the latest technology to break down road grime, dirt and brake dust easily without the need to be acidic.  The products was designed to make cleaning your wheels as effortless as possible.

We have dilution guidelines but ‘our’ definition of dirty may differ somewhat from yours, so please dilute to suit! Simply spray the diluted product onto the wheel, allow a dwell time of circa 30 seconds to one minute, then agitate with your preferred choice of brush, power wash off and admire the showroom finish result. All of the components are fully biodegradable.

  • Fully concentrated
  • Extremely economical dilution ratios
  • Non Acid
  • Safe across all alloy wheel finishes
  • Provides a near showroom finish.
  • Will not degrade tyre rubbers.

Usage Guidelines

Depending on the degree of contamination Retaliate can be used at varying dilutions. For heavily soiled wheels remove surface soiling with a high pressure lance and apply Retaliate in a liberal coating through at a dilution of 1:1 and allow to dwell for 3-5 minutes. If required, agitate with an appropriate brush or mitt. Remove with a high pressure lance before moving to the next detailing step. For lighter soiled wheels, apply at a dilution of circa 5:1, then remove as before. Never apply and allow to dwell on wheels in direct sunlight. Always check the suitability of the product for your wheels by doing a quick test.

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