50Cal Stealth Last Touch Detailer 500ml


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Stealth last touch detailer is an easy to use spray and wipe style detailing spray and is the ultimate finishing product to complement any detailing portfolio. The Stealth last touch detailer is ready to use as it can be applied directly to the paint surface. Stealth is easy to apply and leaves behind a high gloss finish.  This detailing spray has been developed to create an exceptionally high water tension on your paintwork meaning that water will bead easily and not allow dust and dirt to settle

Stealth last touch detailer has also has been enhanced with the latest addition to our fragrance range, Sweet Cherry.

How to use Stealth Last Touch Detailer

Apply neat to the vehicle, 2-3 mists per panel and buff with a soft clean microfiber cloth to leave a brilliant shine. Never apply and allow to dwell on surfaces in direct sunlight. Always check the suitability of the product for your vehicle first, by doing a quick test.

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