ADBL AIO Hard 200ml (All in One Polish and Protect)


ADBL AIO HARD  is one of the two newest polishes from the producer. You can use this product for polishing, cleaning and protecting all types of paintworks. This product is based on the newest and the most modern components available on the market. The product removes oxidation, swirl marks, medium marks, defects and holograms. This all in one can be used by hand or with a polishing machine. Thoroughly selected abrasive nanoparticles polish and removes residues from old protective coatings. ADBL AIO HARD works best with medium or hard paintworks. It is an excellent product for quick, one-step polishing. The product is compatible with polishing pads from all brands.

For a long shine and additional hydrophobic effect, we recommend topping it up with ADBL SSW, QD or WaxOne. It is also perfect for polishing aluminium surfaces. It contains waxes and synthetic polymers to strengthen the effect leaving an incredible deep shine. Check out also ADBL AIO SOFT  which is a more powerful version of ADBL AIO HARD  for restoring more damaged paints.

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