ADBL Bonnet 5L


ADBL Bonnet is a ready mixed, extremely safe interior cleaner. It was designed to be used on delicate surfaces such as roof linings and sensitive fabrics. There are no aggressive chemicals so the roof lining backing material and the foam in the seats will not be damaged by leaving the product to dry on them.

Most interior cleaners and All-Purpose cleaners with harden seat foam and make it brittle over time if not extracted back out of it asap after treatment. Bonnet does not contain the same chemicals however, and if very safe as a result.

It is supplied ready mixed and ready to use.

Spray onto the effected area, leave to soak for 30 seconds and then agitate with a soft microfibre cloth. To speed up the drying of the fabric, you can pat dry with a dry microfibre cloth, or vacuum with a wet & dry vac.


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