ADBL Leather Kit


ADBL Lether Kitt includes all that is needed to clean, maintain and protect the leather in your vehicle. Makes a perfect gift as well.

The set contains:

  • ADBL Leather Cleaner 500ml
  • ADBL Leather Conditioner 200ml
  • ADBL Ther – Leather Brush
  • ADBL Foamer 150ml
  • ADBL Lea Microfibre cloth 350gsm
  • ADBL Leather Mist air-freshener 200ml

ADBL Leather Cleaner

Degreases without drying the surface. Designed based on natural cleaning ingredients. Safe for the leather top layer. Creates a stable foam allowing long work without oversoaking the leather. Possible dilution – one to one with demineralized water.

ADBL Leather Conditioner

Nourishes and darkens. Shows excellent protective properties. No shine effect. Makes leather smooth and meaty. Pleasant to work with due to delicate leather smell. Ready to use.


Leather cleaning brush with mixed bristles. Ergonomic shape makes work very comfortable. Compatibility with ADBL Leather Cleaner allows high efficiency of work while being delicate to the cleaned surface.

ADBL Foamer

150ml bottle with a foaming nozzle. Allows foaming of ADBL Leather Cleaner making dense and stable foam. Enables long work without oversoaking the cleaned surface.


Microfibre designated for cleaning and caring of leather surfaces. Functional size and thin material makes the cloth very handy and allows precise work on stitches and curvatures. Thanks to large absorptivity it easily collects dirt and product leftovers. Does not leave trails nor fibre residues. Easy to wash.

ADBL Leather Mist

Leather fragrance engineered for car interior. This unique and fun air freshener effectively improves the mood and enhance performance. Maybe sprayed around the carpets, cloth upholstery or under seats. Perfect for the car but also for home and office.

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