ADBL Yeti Snowfoam 5000ml


ADBL YETI is a highly concentrated, long awaited, neutral active foam. Thanks to huge amount of foaming and wetting agents, the foam has a texture of whipped cream, with incredible power of penetrating the dirt. Neutral in concentrate, ruthless to the dirt and safe for the washed surface. Those features make ADBL YETI a product with one of the best price/quality ratio on European market.

Directions for use:

  1. Cover a dry car with a solution of foam and lukewarm water. Find the appropriate concentration depending on the foamer type and the degree of dirtiness of the car:
  • 1:9 to 1:14 – PA foamer,
  • to 1:200 – handheld foamer.

2. Leave the foam to act for a few minutes and do not let it to dry on the surface.

3. Rinse the car thoroughly with water under high pressure.

4. Start the next phase of ADBL SHAMPOO “two bucket” washing procedure.


  • Do not use on heated car paint!
  • Do not leave to dry!
  • Do not use under the direct sunlight!

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