#AUDACE is a water-based compound with high cutting capacity at low speed. This is possible thanks to a selection of new generation abrasives, which will allow you to cut using a random orbital polisher similar to those obtained using a rotary polisher, thus reducing the required time by up to 50% compared to traditional compounds. With #AUDACE, the required time can be reduced by up to 50% compared to traditional compounds.

This versatile compound is particularly appreciated by detailers, as it can be used even in the most difficult situations, allowing them to save time and money. It is the ‘Cold Cut Technology™’ that ensures such results, allowing major flaws to be eliminated at low speed (1200 rotations with a rotary polisher or 4.5 speed with random orbital polisher) and the risk of holograms to be reduced. This technology also means less time and product will be required, and the polishing process will be much easier.

#AUDACE works particularly well on hard surfaces or new generation ceramic. However, using the right pad, it proves to be a very versatile product suitable for any type of surface. #AUDACE was created to eliminate deep scratches, even those left after 1000-grit sanding. Incredibly, despite its high cutting capacity, it ensures a medium polish finish! #AUDACE is easy to remove, also from sticky paints, and it does not leave traces of dust.

#AUDACE is really easy to use, does not contain paraffin or fillers and does not leave dirty gaskets.

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