Labocosmetica #Hydra Trim Dressing 500ml


#HYDRA is a multi-purpose and long-lasting hyper dressing for a vast range of applications, specific for external and internal plastic car parts.

Easy to spread and apply and offering optimal coverage, #HYDRA ensures excellent resistance to washout, even chemical. Its fluoropolymer structure guarantees a duration of about 3 months on the surfaces, protecting them from the UV rays, which damage rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and acrylic materials, reviving the colour without greasing.

#HYDRA withstands stains, effectively protecting against water and dirt, assuring extremely high protection and excellent beading effect.

#HYDRA is water-based, does not contain any solvents or silicones and respects surfaces: even at the end of its duration cycle, it does not release residues and does not discolour plastic parts.

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