#REVÌTAX is the next generation of neutral “Wash&Coat” shampoo, to wash, seal, protect and extend the life of the previously applied coating. On untreated cars, it is able to assure gloss and protection, equal to nano-sealants, for at least 4 months.

With excellent cleaning properties and good lubrication, #REVÌTAX adheres and protects in a truly wonderful manner, assuring extremely high beading and sheeting levels. The product is extremely cost-effective thanks to the extreme high dilution ratio of 1:100 (30 ml is enough to wash and protect a large-sized car).

#REVÌTAX is different from other products on the market because it consists of a mixture of solubilised siloxanes that firmly adhere to the body assuring a remarkable protective effect (against weathering, chemical aggression and even bird droppings), silk effect and resistance, with excellent foaming and lubrication during washing.

Although it is a neutral product, it has excellent cleaning properties and is able to dissolve and soften dirt. It does not interfere with nano-protectives applied on windows and leaves no halos or streaks.

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