Labocosmetica #SAM is a type of stand-alone coating which, thanks to the “Self-Assembled Monolayer” technology on which it is based, can be applied as a single layer, ensuring effective chemical-physical protection on any type of bodywork.

Minimun duration of #SAM is 30,000 km or 2 years*


  • Abrasive and Chemical resistant
  • UV protection
  • Extreme brightness
  • Water repellent/hydrophobic
  • 3D gloss
  • Mirror finish
  • Self-cleaning capability (108 ° water contact angle)

Once applied to the surface, #SAM spontaneously forms a coating thanks to chemical adsorption and to the self-organisation of organic molecules consisting of reactive “head groups” and selected “functional” chemical groups (functionalised molecules) in order to obtain the best balance between physical protection and hydrophobic performance.

Application on fully prepared surfaces is necessary in order to “free” the active surface sites with which #SAM will form a stable chemical bond and thus obtain the best possible performance in terms of effectiveness and durability.

#SAM can be overlaid and stratified with #HPC after at least 2 hours to achieve the highest possible level of protection.

What’s in the box

  • 1x Labocosmetica #SAM Ceramic Coating 30ml
  • 1x Instruction leaflet & FAQ
  • 1x Coating catalogue and maintenance information
  • 1x Labocosmetica Applicator
  • 3x Labocosmetica application microsuede cloths
  • 1x Labocosmetica buffing microsuede cloth
  • 1x Window sticker
  • 1x Glove
  • 1x Warranty card

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