#VITREO is a Glass Polish that removes slight scratches, oxidation and corrosion on car glass and glass headlights found on vintage cars.


  • ideal for removing marks, scratches and contamination
  • perfect for all types of glass.
  • balanced formula that guarantees a constant and regular cut.

#VITREO is a polish specifically designed to remove scratches and imperfections on glass surfaces.

Its special formula, consisting of an abrasive mixture of rare earth elements and metal oxides with a high degree of purity, is balanced in such a way as to obtain extreme hardness and a constant and regular cut.

These characteristics make #Vitreo a suitable solution for restoring the original condition of car windows, mirrors, and windscreens, and even headlights (glass ones such as on vintage cars).

It can be used by hand to decontaminate glass before the application of anti-rain sealant or coating.

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