Soft 99 Wheel Dust Blocker 200ml


Wheel Dust Blocker coating agent creates super hydrophobic layer onto wheel surface, which prevents brake dust adhesion and maintains wheels in a very condition for a long time. Nano size lotus leaf coating agent prevents adhering water, brake dust and outstandingly repels dirt. 


Directions of use:

1. Remove wheel dirt with detergent and wipe off the remaining water. Then, using an included wipe, remove all dirt from the wheel surface completely.

2. Shake the bottle well and spray 10 cm away from wheels. Complete without wiping off. Dry for 20 min in summer (30℃), 60 min in winter (10℃). Do not drive until it gets dry.

* Shortly after spraying, the surface gets whitened and liquid streak may appear to be uneven. This symptom will completely disappear with time.

* Liquid may accumulate at the bottom of tires, in such situation just wipe it off with dry towel before drying.

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